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The R. Zaballos & Sons, Inc. Story

Our story begins in the small farming town of Mocatera, Spain in the early 1900's. As a young boy in 1912, Resti Zaballos left Spain for America searching for a better life with his father and older brother. After a year in Hawaii cutting sugar cane for C & H Sugar to pay for their boat passage, they ended their long journey in Hayward, California. Shortly thereafter, the rest of the family followed and began to put down deep roots in the community. In 1932 brothers Henry and Resti Zaballos formed Zaballos Brothers Construction. By 1958, they had developed Hayward's first industrial park near downtown and had built numerous schools, houses, and other buildings in the area. By the 1960's, Henry retired and Resti's four sons got involved in what truly became a family business - R. Zaballos & Sons was formed. The development of apartment buildings, office and retail became their primary focus.

Today, the third generation of the Zaballos family and a team of dedicated employees is involved in running the company which now includes a vineyard operation and properties in the Livermore area. Mindful of our past, we look to the future; in hopes that someday the next generation will continue the Zaballos legacy of hard work and dedicated community service.

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